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Acrylic Paintings on Photographs

This series of paintings on photographs by French artist Charlotte Caron is inspired by the humanization of animals and the animalization of humans.

More stunning art on WE AND THE COLOR


Etam Cru | Sainer - Breakfast on grass. Acrylics on canvas, 70x70 cm (2012)

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Baking Brownies Just Right: Cakey, Chewy, or Fudgy

  • Change the proportions of ingredients to bake the style you like best. Make them how you like them. Whether a brownie ends up dense and fudgy, moist and chewy, or light and cakey depends on the amounts of chocolate, butter, sugar, and flour.

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Delicious dessert drawings for some recipe cards. I plan to add to this project periodically, so check back soon to see more yummies for your eyes.

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A digital painting experiment. Quick, messy linework & shading was used to achieve this stylistic look. Japanese influences. Check more of my work on my BEHANCE page.

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I’m reblogging this again because I want to add that images like this are literally 100% the only reason I feel better about my body. Because when I’m having a shitty body image day, I look in the mirror and I remember that there are people who think bodies like mine are beautiful and lovely and sexy and I give myself permission to love myself even though my body is rarely reflected in mainstream media.

They are all beautiful and sexy as hell.

yea, cuz they’re real fucking people not photoshop creations loosely based on certain people

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Thick as a brick

This brick of a book contains the notes of John Bureus, a librarian who obviously had a lot of things on his mind. He filled page after page with travel accounts, impressions, transcriptions and legends, starting in 1599, at the age of 31. He kept adding leaves, no less than 700 of them, until he turned eighty, in 1648. Binding fifty years of thoughts proved challenging, as the binding cords on the back show - which give the object the appearance of a guitar. A large medieval parchment page provided some support to this monstrosity, which John Bureus, with a sense of understatement, had the audacity to call “my scribbling book”. What really made my day, however, is the description by Stockholm’s National Library, where the manuscript is currently kept: a book with “seemingly fragmented thought patterns, some of which still remain to be interpreted.” Way to go, John - may you rest in peace.

Pic: Stockholm, Royal Library, MS FA 12 (1599-1648). More images and information here.

Also, Bureus was one of the most interesting intellectuals Sweden has ever produced. A very intelligent, complete nut-case.

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Alien Ying Yang by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website 

16” X 20” screen print, numbered edition of 40. 

Part of the Imagined Worlds art show, opening January 17th 2014, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook

10 signed AP editions will also be available shortly after the show from Matt’s store. Stay tuned for that announcement via Matt’s twitter, HERE


  • Title: Nude study for figure of Painting
  • Creator(s): Cox, Kenyon, 1856-1919, artist
  • Date Created/Published: [ca. 1896]
  • Medium: 1 drawing : graphite.
  • Summary: Study drawing shows the nude allegorical figure of Painting holding her palette, for the painting, The arts, in the north end lunette of the Southwest Gallery in the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building. A grid covers the drawing.
  • Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-22761 (digital file from original item)

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Cheesy Bread Recipe

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Otters frolicking underwater.

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The Realistic Packaging Paintings of Yrjö Edelmann


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